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Restrictions in Greece
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Property Restrictions in Greece

Restrictions for foreigners acquiring immoveable property in border areas in Greece.

In certain areas qualifying as border area (frontier regions), which are huge importance from a military and security policy point of view, purchasers may acquire property only if they hold official permission. Contracts possibly concluded without such permission shall be treated as null and void. Since the designated frontier areas may be changed by virtue of a presidential decree at any time, any interested purchaser should be advised on the currently applicable law from a lawyer specialized in real estate law before engaging in negotiations.

Although the restrictions apply to Greeks and foreigners alike, there is a different procedure for lifting the restrictions.

Regions that are 'Not a border area'

Regarding the regions which are characterised as 'Not a border area' there are not any restrictions for EU citizens or third-country nationals. The third-country nationals must have a valid tourist visa in order to be able to proceed with the purchase.

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